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Over 540 tips, tricks, insights, shortcuts, and links to help you know who to seek, how to borrow smarter, what to avoid, and how to get from financially trapped to debt freedom.

“This book should become your best friend! You’ll have all the must-know money, credit, and financial insights that our listeners have profited from for years!” Phil Johnson, AM 1150 – Bell Media


George Boelcke, CCP., is President of Vantage Financial Consultants Ltd. He is a member of the Credit Institute as well as the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals. George has over 25 years experience in the credit and finance fields, including more than ten years as Senior Finance Manager.


Fighting Back!

How to take back financial control, Restore your credit and Reach your debt freedom


25 years of George’s experience and credit management degree, the insights from thousands of families, tons of media interviews and articles and it’s all yours to learn in just a few hours to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. While the Fighting Back! book is a U.S. edition, 90% of the content is just as applicable for Canadians!


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Colorful Personalities: Get the tools to understanding people


George Boelcke facilitates team building, personality types, relationship and sales seminars throughout North America. For many powerful and practical tools to understanding yourself and to strengthen your relationships at home and at work, have a look through our four very different personality types at www.vantageseminars.com

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