Last year (you can scroll back for the story “Want a Free Christmas Next Year?”) I managed to save around $1,200 by just dropping my toonies into a jar for the entire year.

So it seemed logical that making it toonies AND loonies this year, I would end up with even more money. But, it turns out that was a bust. Sadly.

Not only was 2021 a “full” Covid year which reduced my trips out of the house, I also received four Tim’s gift cards. So every trip for a $1.85 coffee that used to get me a toonie and loonie in change from a five dollar bill went on my gift cards this year. Thank you to the two people who gifted them to me. But no change meant no coins into the savings jar.

This years’ total was $875. Sure I was disappointed – but that’s still a ton of money and cost me exactly nothing to save. If you didn’t do it last year, try it for 2022. Maybe in a “more” normal world the thousand dollar savings mark will be possible again!?!?

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