Amazon Will Find You

Amazon has nowhere near the lowest prices on even half of their products. Study after study and a simple price comparison will show that pretty quickly. But they’ve “trained” an entire generation of younger people to have their Prime membership and just click to buy. Good for Amazon – not so good for your spending.

But you have to give it to them that they are, by far, the most efficient company for deliveries. I’m in a new subdivision that’s still expanding and building. Two blocks up the street they just built 4 new 6-plex rentals. They finished one of the buildings September 30th. The investor owner took possession on October 1st and the first renters moved in on the 2nd. Yes, the day after!

That’s not the wow. One week later, Amazon “found” the new renters for a delivery! A new street, a brand new building, no address on the building at all, but Amazon found it for a delivery! THAT is pretty impressive…

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