Coming Next Month: My New Home Buying Experience

There should be nothing more exciting than purchasing a brand new home. Well, that didn’t last that long for me…We’ll talk about it in April as it’s been 60 days.

Here’s a small insight: THIS is what I got from Bedrock Homes (Carrington) in the year 2020 in my brand new house: 37 regular light bulbs! Hands up if you have at LEAST one LED (now under $1.60 each) or at least a spiral light anywhere in your home. Yup – that’d be everybody in the country. (Bedrock saved some more money by not having any bulbs in two light fixtures…)

THIS is what is STANDARD in every new home with another builder by the name of Jayman Homes. Yup…electric plug-ins for hybrid vehicles. But it gets worse…I’ll explain next month…

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