Funny Or Not Funny Financial Stories

Here are three short stories that will make you think, make you furious, or just shake your head:

Cox Media Group had a story of a wedding guest who received an email from the bride. The guest had given a gift of about $150. The email was asking, if she would like to “gift adjust” the amount as it wasn’t in line with the average of what others had gifted. Oh boy…how would you react to that note?

In Minnesota, Jessica Baker and her husband had an invite to a wedding. But, at the last moment, their babysitter cancelled. After they didn’t attend, they received a bill two weeks later for $75.90 to cover the meal for them as no-shows to the wedding.

And the strangest story has to go to an idiot in Chicago by the name of Brandon Preveau. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he purchased a $600 beater car, registered it in her name, and parked it at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. After 30 days of tickets, the vehicle was towed, and accumulated a total of $105,000 in parking tickets and storage charges. Three years later, his ex girlfriend is still in court trying to prove she doesn’t owe money – and never owned the vehicle…

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