Hands Up If You Believe This

Last month, Wendy’s announced they would join Popeyes, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Panera Bread and other fast food chains in converting to AI controlled electronic menu boards.

No – of course they won’t use it for dynamic pricing like ticket sellers or ride-sharing companies, hotels, big box stores, airlines, Amazon and others do for busy times, according to a Wendy’s spokeswoman. It would only be used for “suggestive selling” and maybe to lower the prices of a Frosty on cold weather days. Never for higher pricing during busy times. So: Hands up if you believe that?

Yup – didn’t think so. Neither does anyone on social media. Why? Because other chains do it – use it for that.

In China, with their facial recognition technology light years ahead of North America (to the detriment of customers and shredding any semblance of privacy, their restaurant AI technology embedded into menu boards not only recognizes returning customers but can tell their mood and age.

Not to mention AI use in drive-throughs. Chains think it’ll be great that the speaker will start with “Hi, Bruce. Welcome to…” What a shame the vast majority of younger customers do not care about their privacy. And THAT is the reason this will get implemented and stick AND be used for dynamic pricing.

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