Helping You This Christmas

It’s not just a US problem in having Amazon parcels stolen from your front door. But this might help: If you, or a family member, or neighbour have a lot of Amazon parcels dropped off, take the empty boxes from them.

While you’re cleaning your house for Christmas, take a bunch of stuff worthy of donation to the thrift stores. Take the stuff that isn’t donation worthy (in other words: your junk) and put it into the Amazon boxes and leave it outside your front door. If it’s stolen, it’s a win-win. You got rid of your junk and the thieves have their score…and maybe another chance to get caught! Talk about great recycling…

Want to help President Trump with a coverup? No, I’m not getting political…coverup as in Christmas wrapping paper!

This is guaranteed to make any potentially boring Christmas with relatives you may not be to fond off a whole lot more “interesting.”

For $35 you can buy Trump wrapping paper in three different styles and colours. One has snowflakes and a message of “I stand with Trump.”

Now THAT would….how do I put this…”liven up” your Christmas with the relatives.

Before you laugh or dismiss this, the National Republican Committee has sold over half a million dollars from this already! If you’re super excited about this AND want to save five bucks, you can get it on Trump’s campaign store: One 6 ft roll for $30….

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