I Was Fired. Who Knew?

Two minutes before my segment June 9th, Phil emailed me to “take the summer off” and we’d be back with the Wednesday radio segment “in the fall.” I just assumed the station hadn’t started their fall schedule yet. As I’ve had over 30 emails during the summer wondering where I was: No. I didn’t ask to take the summer off. No. I was never paid for the segment. It wasn’t a station cutback. No. I don’t think it was bad ratings – not based on the quantity of emails I was receiving…No. I had no idea why.

Today, a listener emailed me to tell me I was actually done, gone and fired: “My wife and I used to listen to you Wednesday mornings on AM 1150 in Kelowna.  We looked forward to your message and said many times that what you were saying should be mandatory teaching in all schools, no exceptions.  We lived a fairly frugal but not chintzy lifestyle knowing we had to fund our retirement years, so your messages just made so much sense to us…  When we didn’t hear your message twice at the beginning of July we phoned the radio station and asked why.  Their response was that some of their presenters were taking the summer off and would be back in the fall.  When you didn’t reappear in September we phoned again and were told you weren’t coming back.  We are most disappointed, as you were the highlight of our Wednesday morning listening.  All this to say we miss you, and wish you well.”  Sent from my iPad. Tom J

After almost 16 years, I would have hoped or guessed it would end in a more professional way…but again, that’s just my opinion.

Money Tools & Rules Wednesday Segment

January 7, 2005 to June 2, 2021


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