Mark Stone & Mobile Cheque Deposits

Here’s a quick way to turn your finances around, but you’d have to be Mark Stone, ex of the Ottawa Senators. He was traded to Vegas Monday. So he leaves a terrible team and terrible Ontario and Canadian taxes to go to Vegas with no state income tax and a new $80 million U.S. contract. Guess that’d take care of any money issues…Not to mention, he arrived at 2 am to a bunch of fans, the team cheerleaders and drummers to welcome him!

Mobile cheque deposits: It’s really common for people these days to do a cheque deposit via their cell phone. Take a picture front and back and click “deposit.” But a heads up: I tested it for the first time with my credit union and a bank. I had no idea that it takes a week to 10 days for that money to actually be credited to my account! It seems that the banks are waiting for it to be fully cleared before they’ll release funds to you. If you need the money – avoid ever doing a mobile deposit!

With any new technology, there are always fraudsters causing trouble, however: What’s happening is that cheques are deposited via mobile apps and then the fraudster takes them to a different bank and cashes them. In other words, they have the money twice.

According to Kiplinger, the policy is that the mobile one is returned and the in-branch deposit and cashing is valid. That means your financial institution is likely going to send you a new requirement for mobile deposits. Before you take a picture to deposit, they’ll require you to write specific wording on the cheque. It’ll be something along the lines of: For mobile deposit only. That note will  prevent someone from presenting the cheque a second time.

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