Radio Quiz: Testing Your Credit Smarts

Give or take a billion or ten, what was the total dollar volume Visa Worldwide processed last year?

How about the total amount of cash advances from Visa cards?

Yes or no: Assuming you need to finance, is zero percent financing always a good deal?

What’s the biggest danger of any no payment and no interest promotions that lots of retailers like home improvement stores run?

In that no payment no interest promotion, what percentage of people actually pay it off in that zero interest time frame?

What’s the average balance for someone who has a line of credit? According to TransUnion, one of the credit bureaus, it’s $35,247.

You’ve seen the signs, billboards or hear the ads that a firm will buy your unwanted gold. At most, what’s the percentage of the real gold value they’ll pay you?

What’s the definition of the internal banking word “sticky”?

And for anyone listening, yelling the answers at the radio doesn’t help. So here’s a question for you listeners. E mail the answer to Phil or to me directly at and click on contact us:

When it comes to your credit rating, there are two factors that are far and above all others in growing your credit score and rating. What are they? They’re both critical so you’ll need to get both. Two answers, so two e mailers with the correct answer will get a VERY cool gift from me personally.

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