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The Value Of An Actual $20 Bill

A few weeks ago I ran a bunch of errands, but only had about $30 in cash. After the second store, I ran out of cash and started using my debit card the next three transactions. They were all smaller purchases and not something that should go on my debit card. No, I’m not a dinosaur, I just don’t want my bank tracking every transaction. So I detoured to an ATM to get more cash for the rest of my shopping stops.

The increasing amount of people using only digital purchases by phone, debit or credit card can do their thing. There’s no chance they’re going to listen to me or any other experts. Yes, they’re overpaying 12 to 18%. There are studies to show that and we’ve talked about everything from why and how to casinos to Disney and cruise lines using your room key for all purchases so you’re not really feeling the pain of overspending until you check out. Yada yada yada…as few people will take that to heart.

For some of us (just not enough) we really want to use our $20 bills – real money. My cash isn’t ever going to get hacked. If I lose a $20 bill, I’m out $20 and not my entire bank account balance. It still works if it gets into water and doesn’t need a battery or ever get out of range or lose its reception. If computer systems go down, my $20 still works. (No, gold won’t and doesn’t – stop believing the end-of-world stories that you should have gold…). I can also use it to help a homeless person or make a donation in a charity box.

Of course I use my debit card for larger purchases. And my credit card for anything online to have the safety of being able to cancel the transaction if need be – and anything ordered within 60 days so I can also cancel it if the item isn’t delivered or the service provided, and for gas stations. For everything small and daily – leave me my cash, please.