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Five Bucks and Up For Anything You Can Dream of Creating

Fiverr is a world top-100 website that’s now been around for 10-years. I’ve used them for a lot of years for small one-off jobs: Three pictures for my websites written in sand from the Gold Coast in Australia, a custom-made postcard by someone in New Mexico, a custom made picture by someone in Pakistan, work on an excel document from Colorado and two incredible original custom charcoal drawings from a lady in Bristol, England.

If E-bay is for buying stuff from around the world, Fiverr.com is for services, starting at US$5 – hence the name Fiverr. It’s no longer a flat $5 base price, sellers or service providers now set a price, but you’ll find some smokin’ deals for any service you may need from the gig economy around the world.

Online tutoring, fitness lessons & tips, create pictures or greeting cards, family tree work, celebrity impersonators, voice-overs, short videos, your message written on anything, blog set-ups, picture editing, social media work, songwriting, music remixing, IT support, etc.

Want to create a custom designed T-shirt? There are over 2,000 services available starting at seven dollars and up. Want a custom-composed, written and recorded song done for you? That’ll start at $33. The list is as endless as your imagination. You just need to type in a few words of what you’re wanting, and a long list of people from around the world will pop up.

On the top of the fiverr site, check that it’s showing Canadian dollars. Then contact one of the sellers based on their rating, service or cost, agree on a flat price for what you’re looking to do, then get the draft of it when it’s completed. Make your changes or accept the work that’s done. It’s only after you’re satisfied that you pay for the item or service. You can click “local” on top, but it’s likely you won’t find anyone. I am a huge believer in dealing local, but these are such small and specialized items that (in my mind) they’re exempt from trying to make that happen…