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Thank You For Not Voting

Yes, this is a financial segment – but it’s about next weeks’ election:

If you’re a millennial, roughly under age 35, only about 30% of you vote. That’s compared to over 70% of those aged 65 and older.

Would you let your grandparents pick your clothes or your music choices? Of course not! But you’re letting them pick your financial future for the next 50 years or so.

You see, anyone over maybe 50 or so isn’t going to be around to pay back all the debt we’re running up. Ironically, that’ll be up to you – and 70% of you don’t seem to care. We are paying about 80 bucks for a $100 government. They’re not collecting enough to pay for what they’re spending. If you’re just paying 80% of your bills every month, the day of everything crashing down on you comes pretty quickly. With governments – not so much. It’ll be a long time before we hit the wall as a country. When we do – it’s your age group that’ll be massively impacted, and not the 50 plus age group.

Should the government live and spend within it’s means? That’s up to you to decide. But if you’re a politician you’re not paying it. So it just makes sense to make promises and overspend to make their voters happy. Is that right? Is that a good idea? Should that happen? That’s up to you and your political views and real or perceived reality to decide. In the world of economics, it’s insane…but that’s your call.

If you’re under age 35 group were to vote in two city, provincial, and federal elections in the same numbers as seniors, everything would change in five or six years. Because you’re actually a larger voting block. Politicians have only one job: To get reelected. So they cater to those who vote and that ain’t you.

Two elections would turn that around. If you voice your opinion, you’d be the group they’d have to focus on. One election would be a fluke in your voter turnout. Two elections is a trend and they’d get the message.

I hope to see you on election day. It’s not likely, but I hope you take the half hour. Until then, on behalf of those of us who won’t be left holding the financial bag down the road: Thank you for not voting.