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Ford’s $5 Billion Dollar Bet Pays Off This Week

Today (Monday 4/25/22) Ford will deliver it’s new F150 Lightning. It’s an electric vehicle that’s part of Ford’s $30 billion electric vehicle spending to 2025. If you’ve heard about it all weekend, it’s because Ford is taking the marketing approach of Tesla for the rollout and the first delivery.

Nothing matters more to Ford than the F150. It’s not only the largest selling truck, with brand loyalty more so than the entire Ford name. Buyers of the F150 are incredibly loyal. They don’t trade for a Ram or a Chevy, they tend to be loyal to F150, often for generations. The release of the F150 Lightning this coming week is a bet that’s already paid off for Ford. Their original projections (and production plans) were for 40,000 vehicles. Their order-bank is already at 150,000 and growing and the reviews have been beyond anyone’s expectations.

Yes, it’s electric. If you were someone who made fun of (or envied) the little Prius you passed on the highway with its 50 MPG, this Ford truck – yes, a work truck – will have a EPA rating of 68 MPG. An electric truck rated at 68 MPG! Sure, lots of people and businesses, to whom this truck is targeted, will still have range anxiety and may wait and see. But it might not be for long with the obvious gas cost savings and lowest cost of ownership of any Ford truck. Plus, “it hauls ass and tows like a beast,” according to Ford CEO Jim Farley.

A 15.5″ touchscreen and 11 outlets that can power anything and everything on a job site – and can actually power your house for three days in the event of an outage! In North America only around 5% of vehicles are electric. That’s less than a quarter of Europeans, but the F150 Lightning might be a real game-changer.