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Want to Rent A 72 Sq Ft Apartment?

With the massive increase in rents, imagine what you’d pay in places like downtown LA, Manhattan, Toronto or Vancouver!

One of the few options, if you don’t want one, two or three roommates is to downsize to less square footage. This is a story of a lady that really wants to live in Manhattan on a budget. How? A micro apartment of 72 square feet for $1,345 a month.

Her futon turns into a sofa, there’s no stove, so it’s a hotplate and air fryer and the entire bathroom is a shower. Finding clothes is hard as they have to stashed everywhere. For a balcony she can sit on the fire escape out her window. Having people over is…well…a challenge.

If you’re living in a studio apartment, you likely have around 600 square feet. If you’re in a one-bedroom it’s maybe 800 or more. So could you downsize to one-tenth that space? What would it take? Count me out for being able to do that.

Here’s the story from Business Insider or just search “Manhattan 72 square foot apartment.” https://www.insider.com/living-in-microstudio-apartment-in-nyc-what-its-like-cost-2021-6