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The Worst Sales to Avoid!

The most misleading pricing or “sales” to be very careful with are the “weekly” or “bi-monthly” payments, any vehicle lease and “percentage off” if you buy one at regular price, etc.

Add to that a lot more frequent ads that promote a discount but do not list a price in the first place! 25% off WHAT?

Since you have no idea of the sticker price, you have no idea what you’ll be paying. This ad, from this chain, is likely to be legit as this chain wouldn’t play games by raising the retail price, then giving a percentage discount. But lots do…

Setting aside the obvious that you’re spending and not saving – this isn’t a deal anyway, irrespective of price. Tires almost always have a sale of buy three get the fourth free. Since you need four tires on a vehicle, that’s a 25% discount pretty much year round at one place or another.

Yes, I’ve got my winter tires on. I do need to replace them, but I’ll wait until the rush season of October/November is over with and there are real sales before I’ll replace mine. As always – buyer…or shopper beware!