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NHL Real Estate For Sale

After the bankruptcy story last week, here’s a more financially successful story – and maybe a chance for you to buy a nice Toronto penthouse condo.

In 2019 the Leafs traded Nazem Kadri to Colorado and last year he signed with the Calgary Flames. He’s now selling his penthouse condo at 199 Richmond St W in Toronto if you’re interested. It was originally listed at $5.4 million, but it’s now reduced to $4.5 million. Built in 2016, the penthouse condo has a full view of the Toronto skyline with floor to ceiling windows and a full view of the Toronto skyline.

The condo has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and five balconies over a total of 3200 square feet – Kadri’s memorabilia is not included.

If you’re in the market, a $900,000 down payment would leave you a $3.6 million mortgage at $20,900 a month. Add the $2854 monthly condo fee and property tax of $15,500 and, for just over $24,000 a month it’s a win-win: You can live the lifestyle of an NHL star and help Kadri stop the monthly money-leak he’s had for over four and put some equity money back in his pocket.

Since Robin Lehner of the Vegas Golden Knights couldn’t avoid bankruptcy making only $5 million a year, Kadri seems to be OK with his 7-year $7 million annual contract with the Flames. And that included an up-front bonus of $11 million to hold him over.

The listing realtor is hyping up the penthouse quite a bit. So you should really decide quickly… You’re welcome.