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50 Years of ATM and My NFL Financial Hero

Happy 50th birthday to the ATM machine! It was September 2nd, 1969 that Chemical Bank opened the first ATM in New York city. It wasn’t very sophisticated, but just spit out a few 20 dollar bills – but it started the automation wave in the banking world. Today, it’s optical scanners that read the bills you’re depositing and the information off cheques. Tomorrow, being tested today, is face recognition and fingerprints to make it much safer than your four digit PIN. Can’t wait to see what the next wave will be after that!

If you’ve got your favourite NFL players list for the start of this season, you may want to add someone. It’s Alfred Morris, a running back for the Dallas Cowboys. Since Rob Grankowski retired never having spent a dime of his $54 million salary, Morris is my new NFL hero when it comes to saving money. A rare example in football! Morris still drives his 1991 Mazda that he calls “Bentley” and bought from his grandmother before he ever made it into the NHL. Yes, a 1991 – and he’s made $7.5 million so far. Love that as a role model!