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Sorry Okanagan

One of the top five things I miss about living in the Okanagan is fresh Okanagan fruit. I miss the days of picking cherries, buying strawberries, or being able to get a few peaches at the side of the road.

There hasn’t been a year when I haven’t bought a bunch throughout the summer and fall – until this year. Last week one of the discount grocery chains had Mexico and BC peaches. The prices of the Mexican peaches was half as much as the “local” BC ones.

Yesterday I was at my local grocery store which had a big display of “flyer special” Okanagan cherries. Hurray…or so I thought. This pre-packaged bag of cherries might have been 50 of them – tops.

Fast forward to the checkout cashier a few minutes later. She looked at the cherries – she looked at me – she scanned them through. I thought the “look” was kind of weird but it made perfect sense when I saw $11.65 show up on her screen! WHAT? Take those off, please. Her response was: I don’t blame you – you’re not the first one…

Sorry, Okanagan. I don’t know who is getting the money, but I’m quite sure it’s not the orchard owners! According to the store cashier: Add me to the list of people who certainly can’t afford or justify spending almost 12 dollars for around 50 cherries.