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Banks Want to Force You to Go Paperless

Two of the banks, including Scotia have now become more aggressive in bullying you to change from mailed statements to online and paperless. That’s your choice – not theirs!

On some of my accounts I want a paper statement. It massively increases the odds that you’ll actually scan it for inaccuracies or problems and I need to keep them for seven years anyway – so I’ll have to print them no matter what.

If you deal with Scotia, here’s what’s now coming up when you log in:

You’ll see that there’s no way to “x” out of it, click a “no thanks” or type in “leave me alone.” It forces you to click it and to go there. But no worries – the 2nd screen needs you to confirm you want to change to ‘online statements.’ At that page, just click on ‘accounts’ and get off that page and you’ve left your settings.