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Skip the Coffee & Save the Money Used To Be Bogus…

Have you ever heard the financial tip that you can save two bucks a week if you just skip a coffee out and that’ll turn into….yada yada yada?

Well, I’ve never agreed with that. Save two bucks and it’ll most likely go towards a chocolate bar or a lottery ticket. But then I heard a story last week from someone in a whole different financial league than a two dollar coffee.

The lady really “had to have” (the excuse for impulse buying everything from vehicle to clothes to everything) a pumpkin spice latte. Stuck at work, she ordered one from Starbucks with a delivery app. The price? $17. I nearly fainted. 17 bucks for a fancy coffee that she had to have right then. No, it couldn’t wait for after work – it had to be this impulse buy right now.

Good for her I guess. I think it’s one of the most stupid waste of money I’ve come across. But it’s not my money! So maybe the old save two bucks a week skipping coffee can be revised and updated? Skip a $17 coffee once a week and THAT will add up to some huge money.

Starbucks certainly hopes not. They sold over $480 million in pumpkin spice lattes last year. And now there’s pumpkin spice everything available from every retailer…