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Self Checkouts Are Shrinking

There is a percentage of people who absolutely love self-checkouts. There’s probably an equally large group who detest it for a variety of reasons. In between is the majority who just want to get in and out quickly and don’t have a strong opinion either way…other than not wanting to be 9th in line for that one cashier – or camping at self-checkouts that don’t work, can’t scan or need “find an associate.”

It turns out, however, that the large chains are giving up on expanding self-checkouts. The quantity has been shrinking in the last six months and is going to continue to be less and less available. Stores just can’t find a way, with current technologies, to reduce the theft rate. Double checks at the door, item counts, weight vs. scanned, extra staff, etc. etc. just aren’t doing it.

Sure, the technology companies have a lot on the line in being able to continue selling their software. But they’ll have to do more and a lot better before stores take another shot at self-serve expansion. From Wal-Mart to large grocery chains, for the time being, it’ll be less available, if not shut down altogether.

Great news or bad news is up to each persons’ preferences. Count me in the middle group with the heads-up that I’m not going to stick around 9th in line. But when I won’t wait an unreasonable time to get through the checkout, I do give my cart or basket to someone with an apology that they need to put it all back…until they can figure out an efficient system to get me in and out…