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Tip Your Flight Attendant & Don’t Advertise Your Credit

Next time you fly, don’t forget to tip your flight attendants!

Whatever you think should be the priorities of your flight attendants, you may be wrong: Yes, you read that right – it’s here: Frontier Airlines wants you to tip flight attendants when they sell you drinks, juice, duty-free, or what airline pretend is a meal. The credit or debit card machine is programmed for you to enter a tip, and even has the suggestion that you should tip 15 or 20 or 25 percent. It works exactly like the machines in a restaurant, just at 30,000 feet.

Their media relations department spins it to say that millions of dollars in tips have already been generated which they claim proves their passengers love the idea. (In an interview with Clark Howard).

Behind the scenes, and the real reason for it, is that the low cost airlines want to reduce costs. You pay tips which lets them negotiate lower wages… Flight attendants lose in eventual lower base wages and you lose by paying baggage fees, carry-on fees, seat selection fees and now tipping your flight attendant. And yes, it’ll start coming to other airlines. Count me as one of the people who will NEVER be doing that…Good idea or horrific?

Don’t advertise your credit problems:

Here’s a heads up for two people I passed on the highway yesterday and many others: Subprime car financing is for people with bad credit. Most of those lenders do it through car dealers, but two of them lend direct by also selling you their retail-priced vehicle, and make money on both ends. After all, people with poor credit aren’t in a  position to negotiate the price or the rates.

The rates are around 15 to 19 percent and upwards of $1,000 in fees. If the person stops and does the math, it will literally be cheaper to take a cab or Uber daily for a year or two until their credit rating is healed. Instead of a rate 500% too high, spend the $20 on the Money Tools book from Mosaic!

But the heads up is actually to make sure the subprime dealer does not put their decal on the back! It’s great to have a student drive sign, but these dealer decals tell the whole world you have REALLY bad credit. That might be something you don’t want to advertise everywhere you go.