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A Retailer Vent and Two Money Tips

Why are so many receipts I’m getting these days more of a book than a simple receipt? Retailers, please skip your junk mail offers and surveys on my receipts! Many now have an offer or a long story on how you should go online for a survey? They’re just trying to get your email address to keep marketing to you! The odds of winning that so-called prize for doing the survey is likely less than the lottery! Staples for one glue stick gave me a 12 inch receipt. A simple gas up at Esso is over 10” on theirs. Home depot for one item comes in at 11 inches, and one small parcel at Canada Post now gets you a receipt that’s over 14 inches long!

Heads up if you have a storage unit: Firstly, there’s a reason most places give you the first month free: You’re likely to average over three years paying for it! And one national company (according to some staff members) now has a software program similar to airlines, rental management companies, hotels, and others to maximize profits. Their new system will increase your storage unit price 15% every nine months!

In Vancouver, they’ve seen that it’s not working as their business is down 20%, but a heads up for the Okanagan. They’re going to keep squeezing you, because all most everyone is on automatic payment by credit card and won’t notice or do anything. But I’m guessing the stuff in the storage unit isn’t worth what you’re paying for three months! Go look – clean it out – get a smaller unit, or ask a couple of neighbours if you can rent a small part of their garage!

Save money on beauty products:

This comes from US consumer guru Clark Howard. His link is included here, and is based on research from Consumer Guide and Reader’s Digest. Here are three of them:

Shampoo: Save your money – any brand will do as they contain the same basic ingredients, including those from the Dollar stores, according to studies by Consumer Report. You may want to spend extra on conditioners, though. Just make sure you use conditioner only on the tips of your hair and not the scalp.

Really expensive pore-shrinking creams: Sorry, that can’t be done over time, so save your money. Dermatologists will tell you that the size of your pores is determined by genetics.

Expensive sunscreen: Yes, you need it, and should use it – but buy the inexpensive stuff! Consumer Report has done extensive studies and some of the best and most effective are also the least expensive:

Two lotions are No-Ad Sport SPF50 for $0.63/oz (all in US$) and Equate from Walmart SPF50 at $0.49/oz

If you prefer a spray, they recommend DG Body SPF30 from the Dollar Store at $0.88/oz or Equate Sport SPF30, also from Walmart at $0.83/oz

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