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Not Sure I Want to Swoop (Airline)

This morning I was looking for a cheap way to get to Phoenix September 10th. I don’t care if I fly to LA, Vegas or direct since they’re all within five hours drive. Whatever is the cheapest flight AND where I can get a cheap car rental. That’s normally a trick because Vegas may be a cheap flight but generally way higher car rental rates…and then it doesn’t make sense.

So I looked at Canada’s newish deep discount carrier Swoop. Their Edmonton Vegas direct flight is $92. But they will charge you for EVERYTHING. That’s the business model of deep discounters. If you can go with just what fits in your purse or a small duffel bag that fits under your seat – you’re good to go. If you need to “rent” space in the overhead, that’ll cost you. I do have a regulation size carry-on suitcase. But check the Swoop details really carefully! My “every airline is fine with it” carry-on bag is two inches too long at Swoop.

Finding that out at check-in will cost me $45 checked bag. (vs $35 at time of booking). Since I also need to bring my golf clubs, that’s another checked baggage fee. The price at Air Canada was $245 and Westjet for the same day (checked at the same time) was $267. Those are both way overpriced and may or should drop. But the point is to be really careful that you don’t end up paying more in total!

One more thing that may or may not be a consideration for you: I’ve had three buddies stranded when they had plane trouble. The last one was in Kelowna trying to get back to Edmonton. With (her perception) of really bad communication, the flight was going to be 4pm…then later that night…and ended up at 4 pm the next day. That was 2 cab trips to the airport and an extra hotel night and missing a day of work. NOT a way to save money.

Sure, I might fly them out of my home city. If there’s an issue I can go back home. But not sure I’d risk the return flight with any airline that doesn’t have more than one flight a day to be able to transfer me to another flight. Buyer beware!