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Tim’s Credit Card Try #2

Tim Horton is trying to get traction with another go at their own branded credit card.

The first time, not that many years ago was through the CIBC and…well…it didn’t go so well.

This time, Tim’s gets a bigger piece of the pie in keeping a larger share of the merchant fees and only paying MasterCard, not a bank as well. It’s because they’ve set up their own financial institution to run it through. Yes, there’s now Tim’s the coffee place and also Tims Financial!

The card rolled out a few months ago and you can (not will – can) earn “up to” 10,000 reward points. That’s only around 25 free coffees if you max out. But to get the max you’ll need to get the card and make one purchase for 4,000. Then spend a minimum of $200 at Tim’s in months number two, three and four for 2,000 points each.

This time around they’ll also earn all the merchant fee percentages when you use the card anywhere else. So Tim’s is hoping this one will become your front of wallet card. That’s the industry expression for the card you use the most.

Do remember that a new credit card drops your credit score for at least the first six months or a year. If you do, for some reason, have the urge to get the card, make sure you do NOT cancel another card. That will double drop your credit score: A new card with no history while you’re cancelling a card with a much longer track record (depending on how long you’ve had it.) If that sounds confusing, read the credit card chapter in the Money Tools book for the quick “how to.”