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Yes, Tipping Is Way Out Of Control

Like most of us, I’ve been hearing the reports of “attempted tipping” in the weirdest places and the pushback that’s now started. But until yesterday, I hadn’t really experienced it in person until my oil change. The terminal prompt to pay for it was pre-loaded with a new page of tips and tip suggestions: 20% 25% or 30%. WHAT? You want me to tip for an oil change? It’s a good thing I saw a tiny “skip” button at the bottom so I didn’t actually say anything or lose my mind.

According to Bankrate, 30% of us now think tipping is out of control and two-thirds of respondents have a negative view of tipping. No wonder when it’s pre-programmed everywhere and in your face in the weirded and (in my opinion) totally inappropriate places.

Two years ago we talked about tipping your flight attendant for selling you an overpriced snack or drink, but that was just the beginning. I recently heard someone say it was pre-prompted at a self-serve kiosk at the airport and another person was prompted for it at their drycleaner.

As a result, according to Bankrate, we now tip less and a lower amount. But tons of people still do. I have never, and would never, use a food delivery service, but 50% of people tip. Even Starbucks says that half their customers do tip (I don’t understand I don’t understand…) when paying by credit or debit card.