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This Hotel Saving Makes Sense

Far away travel typically involves three things: A flight, car rental and hotel. While flights have come down quite a bit in price, hotels and car rentals are still insane. There are two holidays I want to take post COVID, but not when a car rental is around $80 a day – no way until ALL THREE are reasonable prices.

If you have or will stay at a favorite hotel, you’ll notice that there have been changes in housekeeping. Most every hotel just hasn’t hired back a large percentage of their housekeeping staff. The owner hotels want to save the money and the managed properties have a fixed budget they give to their manager. Since housekeeping is one of the biggest expenses, those managers have no choice but to cut back on staff in order to stay within their budget.

On a recent business trip, one hotel chain had a great idea: They’ll still give you the rare daily housekeeping, but you can get $10 off if you skip a weekend day. That makes sense, and for most of us, that’s worth doing. The rest of the hotel chains just simply need you to adjust to the new reality of housekeeping every three or four days.