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Manufacturers Want Your Dashboard Back!

In the next two years, every vehicle manufacturer is going to find one (or two) ways to get back their dashboard display.

The displays have gone from simple to complex computers in the last ten years or so. These days, they’re Bluetooth, backup cameras, all kinds of displays, radio, syncing and much more. At the same time, more electric vehicles mean less income for car dealers since these vehicles don’t need oil changes and the likes.

This is the way all manufacturers have to increase their revenues – a lot! It’s not just going to be an additional charge because that’s one-time revenue source. It’ll be a monthly subscription that will be revenue streams for life. Great for them – horrible for vehicle owners and buyers.

Different manufacturers will get there in different ways: Some will charge to have the display functioning at all. One is working on having the Bluetooth function only work with an active subscription while another is going to have it triggered to keep the air conditioning working. That one is particularly nasty – but will, of course, be really effective.

Years ago, many included Sirius radio for a six or 12-month trial. However, the renewal for pay subscriptions were extremely small. This time, they will control the process and it’ll all be their revenue. It’ll be under the guise of “updates” to keep things functioning. No, you really don’t need an “update” to keep your Bluetooth interface working or your AC to run. But that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of AM radio, there’s a good chance that’ll stop being included in your stereo a year or two from now. It’s already “missing” in a lot of electric vehicle models.