The (Now) Con Of Fuel Surcharges

When gas (and diesel) prices started going up a few years ago, almost every company starting adding so-called fuel surcharges. From airport shuttles to Canada Post and thousands of other companies in between, this became a major revenue (or expense reimbursement) stream.

Want to bet if this is ever going to go down or away? No chance. Yet, gas (sorry if you’re still in a high tax/high gas jurisdiction, is close to being back under a buck a litre. This was my price yesterday!

Yes, the fuel surcharges for deliveries to businesses is constantly adjusted. We’ll never find out or know if this significant saving is being passed onto us consumers. But don’t bet on it. If the retailers don’t have to pay it out and can keep their prices the same (or still raising them), that’s a massive source of new profits.

For us consumers paying them directly, I’m never a fan of more laws. However, when do we reach the point where we’re getting ripped off for fuel surcharges on gas that’s LESS than it was when these fees were invented? It’s not like we have a choice but to pay them and it’s so pervasive that they’re almost impossible to avoid by dealing elsewhere!

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