The Shelf Price Vs Register Price

A BIG heads up that we are currently in a wave of pricing errors that can cost you a lot. With constant inflation changes and labour shortages, the error rate between the price you see on the shelf (when you decide whether to buy something or not) and what rings through at the register is at an all-time high.

The quantity of “errors” has reached the levels where Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are currently being sued in multiple states in the U.S. for consumer protection violations in increasing prices at checkout over those posted on the shelves.

As always, watch the screen when a cashier scans your items. If you’re not sure it’s right, or missed something, ask them to go back, to stop, to check it. If you’re in the self-serve lane, you can scan at your own speed and, if something doesn’t seem right, leave it out or get it checked. After all – it’s your money!

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