The Travel Troubles Continue

My decision to not go anywhere near any airport this summer is starting to look better and better as flight nightmares continue to get worse and not better.

In July, Air Canada and Pearson airport in Toronto, once again had the distinction of being the airport with the worst delays in the world. Yes, the world! Right now, the average flight delay is longer than the average flight! Just think about that for a minute..

Air Canada seems to be spending more time denying compensation or refunds than they are trying to get back on track. According to a Bloomberg story today, the airline is hiding behind “technical” and “maintenance” issues to avoid refunds that, by law, they clearly owe to their stranded customers.

Last Tuesday Air Canada cancelled a flight from Nashville to Toronto for “technical” reasons. However, flight tracking data showed this exact same airplane, an hour later, flew into Boston. So: Big fat lie on “technical” issues. But it’ll allow the airline to refuse compensation to a ton of people stranded at the Nashville airport.

An even better one was Air Canada’s notice that a flight from Montreal to Lisbon on July 17th would be delayed due to bad weather. Why? Because “bad weather” avoids passenger compensation. One slight problem: They sent this notice TWELVE days before the flight. There are lots more stories, but you get the point.

If you do run into airline “turbulence,” AKA: B.S. your only recourse will be to file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency. But get ready for a one-year wait. I posted my story of attempting to get from Edmonton to Kamloops last November and only got as far as Vancouver in 24-hours. I’ve been awaiting a compensation ruling for nine months without even getting an update from the agency… Hurry up and wait: Whether you’re trying to fly or waiting to get compensated for not flying.

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