Tim’s Gets 250% Worse

This morning, Tim’s is joining the long list of retailers who have changed (worsened & significantly dialed back) their “loyalty” program.

As all the others, it’ll now be spending money based, instead of number of visits. In my opinion, Tim’s is making a big mistake. Average coffee and re-heated bagels and muffins hasn’t worked for a number of years. Sure, Covid lockdowns didn’t help, but now changing their reward program to be 250% less rewarding isn’t going to help their business. People may go in for a coffee and end up with something else, as well. Discouraging the coffee crowd from coming in the first place seems like a pretty dumb step backwards. Maybe I’m mistaken and Tim’s knows how to upsell people who don’t come in in the first place?? But then, they didn’t ask me…but now I don’t feel so bad having switched to McDonalds coffee some time ago…

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