Walmart Return Policy Changes & $47 Billion “Missing”

Cutting down returns: We talked last fall, and in March, about retailers looking at ways to drastically cut down returns or exchanges in any way they can. That’s well on the way with Walmart. No more exchanges without a receipt – period. If your meat or fruit is spoiled, or your milk is a so-called leaker – you’re out of luck.

For me it was a package of Walmart branded light bulbs that were the wrong kind. I understand the logic of no receipt-no exchange. But this was Walmarts’ own product. So I wasn’t trying to get one over on them! No chance of an exchange when it was clearly a Walmart only product.

When I buy non consumable stuff, I always keep the receipt. But when it’s only some light bulbs in with $50 of groceries, I throw out the receipt. Don’t do that! If nothing else, keep every receipt in a junk drawer for at least a few weeks – even if you only purchased groceries. Not nice, Walmart!

The US has a money shortage…sort of:

The US has $47 billion of coins in circulation – and that’s in a country that only has quarters or smaller because politics won’t even let them get rid of the dollar bill in favour of a coin. But right now that $47 billion is kind of missing. All that money is at home, in peoples’ cupholders or ashtrays and huge amounts of rolls in stores that are still closed. In other words, they’re not circulating and it’s a huge problem right now for the US Treasury. Kind of strange to think where some of the problems happen when the economy shuts down.

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