Boston Pizza Heads Up

Two days ago, a Boston Pizza receipt and heads up starting making the rounds on Facebook. The story got a lot of circulation, and it’s something you need to know.

The receipt was from someone at the Stadium location in Calgary. It may only be that store, but there’s no way to know as their media relations department chose not to get back to me. It can also apply to any other restaurant just as easily.

These days, when you pay by credit or debit card, the waiter or waitress will bring the machine to your table. You’ll see the charge total and then be prompted to add a tip, enter your PIN and the transaction goes through. But the restaurant may already have included a “mandatory” gratuity. That’s the case at Boston Pizza, or at least the Stadium location. This customer added a tip, and later realized he had now tipped twice AND was never told they had already forced him into a mandatory tip.

I won’t set foot into a Boston Pizza again until I know they’re not doing that everywhere. But that’s just me….Do be really careful and either ask first before clicking the “tip” prompt or immediately get the manager if it turns out you were tricked into a double tip. Get it refunded right now – right there, or call your card issuer and dispute the charges right in front of the restaurant manager. That’ll fix it on the spot. Do not shrug your shoulders and just complain!



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