Happy Boxing Day

Today, and it should probably be Boxing day, too, don’t head back to the stores for anything other than food stuff. Last minute shopping and impulse purchases are huge financial killers. Today, just say no. You’ve done enough, bought enough and are enough. One more present isn’t going to impact your Christmas, honest!

You know Christmas is coming again next year, right? That’s not going to be a surprise. Just like your car insurance and money for a vacation. There are a few annual bills that seem to always catch us by surprise. But nothing is further from the truth. We know they’re coming! So make a decision to set up a separate savings account that’s not hooked up to your ATM card. Then either do it yourself, or ask your bank or credit union, to transfer over a fixed amount of money each month. It just needs to be one-twelfth of what these annual bills add up to so you have the money when they come due.

Lastly, there’s the biggest, best and most powerful Christmas present you can give to yourself and your family. It’s the gift of financial freedom. And it all starts with two simple steps:

Firstly to make the decision to be debt free and dream ahead a little of what that’d be like to have literally no bills to pay and nobody sucking huge amounts of interest and fees out of your income.

The second step it to sit down with your partner if you’re married. One hour with no television, no kids and no interruptions. All you need is an open mind and heart and a genuine conversation. I know, most people would rather talk about the weather and sex than their finances, but few conversations are more important.

Talk about your dreams and your finances in an honest and open way. Then get a piece of paper and write down your net income each month and every dollar that’s going out right now. Each dollar has to have a label on it before it gets spent.
The 2nd part is just to list your bills and debt. Because it can only get paid with what you have left over after food, shelter, clothing and transportation.

The game plan is to pay minimum payments on everything but the smallest debt. Then the next smallest one, and so on. You’d be amazed how quickly you get traction and a huge level of confidence.

The section in the It’s Your Money book walks you through it really simply. It’s worth it. You’re worth it, and one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family.

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