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Selling Gold and and an iPhone Heads Up

For years, jewelry stores have been envious of the “cash in your gold” places. The places that buy your gold will pay you 10 to 15% of the total gold value, according to Consumer Report. That’s a massive profit and jewelry stores weren’t in on it. That’s now changed, and Ben Moss was one of the first. They’ll also buy your unloved and unwanted gold. But they also run a jewelry store, which is some of the highest markup in retail. If you sell your gold at Ben Moss, they’ll give you 10% extra if you get it on a giftcard and not in cash. That way you’ve locked yourself into buying from them. And if you’re prepared to buy from them the day you sell your gold, they’ll give you 20% extra. But that doesn’t make it a better deal! You’re getting around 10% of the value and now buying something with massive markups and no chance to shop around because you have to buy today – and from them!

When was the last time you received a 40% raise? I didn’t think so: Yet, the CEO of the Royal Bank just got that after one year on the job. If you ever wonder what happens to the twice annual increases in your service charges, they go to pay the guy $11 million a year!

If you have an iPhone, an Apple error 53 is something you should remember. Stuff happens with your phone: The most common repair for people…mostly younger people…is to replace a cracked screen. Any repairs on an iPhone that are not done by Apple, at Apple prices, will trigger this error 53 and disable your phone. Sick, wrong, but true: Apple is forcing you to pay their full sticker price for repairs and will hold you hostage if you don’t. That ought to be illegal since you paid for the phone, aren’t asking Apple for warranty, and should be able to choose where to repair it. In most cases, that’ll be at half to a third of the Apple price. But it’s legal and now you’ve been warned. Don’t hold your breath for the government to make that illegal. They should, but they won’t.