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Come to Edmonton For Some BIG Savings: Costco Business Centre

The above clip is from Modern Family when Mitch first discovers Costco. Even if you think you know Costco, there’s another whole new level you’ve never experienced.

Pack the car and make a trip to Edmonton – but a big truck would be better than a car! In two weeks (opening April 6th), the fourth Canadian Business Store opens in Edmonton (10310-186 Street – about 10 blocks from West Edmonton Mall), and it’s nothing like a normal Costco store!

I’ve been in a number of them in the U.S. and they’re quite overwhelming and very different. No bakery department, jewelry, clothing and the likes to take up space. But you will find over 2,000 items not stocked in regular Costco stores – and in more bulkier bulk form – much of it on pallets right on the floor, instead of on shelves.

The reason you may need a truck is that the 211 litre drum of maple syrup ($2,500) probably won’t fit in the trunk of your car. If you can’t get your head around 211 litres, that’s one and a half full bathtubs. How about a 15 pound Toblerone (I love Toblerone, but I can’t be trusted with that much chocolate).

If you want to stock up on breakfast items for the next few years, I’d recommend the 25 pound jar of peanut butter ($64). Sure, it’ll take two people to lift it each morning, but think of the savings! And Tetley tea: A package of 1,100 tea bags for $28. That’s 2 ½ cents for your morning tea – and enough for the next three years. If you re-use a tea bag a second time (come on…be honest…) you’ll be good for six years. Let’s just hope your pantry for storage is as big as your trunk to get it all home! Edmonton may not be the City of Champions anymore, but now we’re certainly the City of Costco Business!

On the “Costco sad side,” they have now closed their in-store photo labs. It’s a casualty of digital and at-home printers. The reason it’s sad is that a simple 8×10 enlargement was $1.99. The best price I could find is now London Drugs at triple the price. Ouch! You can still order from Costco online – but with some pretty steep shipping rates.

And the “shame on you, Costco” is their new affiliation with an insurance company called Inova. They’re at inovainc.ca. I’ll post my experience with them in the next few weeks: A great online rate quote for my home insurance that turned out to be a totally legal scam, because the quote doubled when I called to place it.