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More Monthly Budget Tips

More Monthly Budget Tips

Two weeks ago I offered a $100 bounty for some good ideas to help cut down the monthly bills. The best one, by a mile was from Dan. Rather than dissect them, I’ll let you read his entire note and choose if there’s something here for you:

Hello George,

I always appreciate your radio commentaries…here are my money saving tips:

Get rid of the clothes-dryer, don’t use air-conditioning, lower the thermostat and put on a sweater, turn off lights and heat in un-used areas, use power bar and power off gadgets, chargers and home theatre, etc. Keep the lights low…your not doing heart surgery so why light your empty kitchen like an O.R.!*

Install a programmable thermostat, use CFL or LED lights. Increase your internet package and cancel the TV to watch streaming programs.

Cancel the cable TV and watch online TV and downloaded movies. Get a bundle price on internet and phone. Regularly check all your plans for cable, internet, phone and cell for newer cheaper plans. Consider a pay as you go cell plan, and text instead of talking. Don’t have satellite radio or anything with monthly fees if you can live without it. When shopping, bring a calculator…and don’t be fooled by Yellow tags implying a sale price…it’s probably not true. Cancel all subscriptions to magazines, and newspapers…read everything online and save a tree.

If you drink and entertain, make your own beer and wine. Don’t go out for drinks and dinner, buy all the fancy groceries you want, but stay at home.

Drive an older economy car and don’t pay for collision insurance, and don’t wash it every week. Don’t pay for services you can do for yourself…housecleaning, lawn cutting, oil changes, etc. If you have 2 cars….consider selling 1, and try transit, cycling, or walking. Sell the boat you never use….sell everything you haven’t used in 1 year, especially electronics – their value is steadily dropping. (old cell phones, cameras, and computers)

Don’t pay for a storage locker for household items….if you can live without it …WHY PAY TO STORE IT!

Buy a tax software program and do your own taxes, (this way you will save money and know something about taxes). Buy whatever coffee maker you want…and some travel mugs…let the drive-thru be a “road trip” treat. Keep non-perishable snacks in the car…granola bars, juice boxes, etc…cheaper and healthier than burgers and fries.

Get a “no fee” debit card and don’t carry cash so you can see where all the money went!!!! Dan S.

P.S. I have ¾ of an economics degree…so I am kind of obsessed with this stuff…