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Is There A Problem Here?

Last week, the Royal Bank released their annual survey of Canadians’ spending and savings habits. Now, any survey gets huge media coverage. In most of the major newspapers across the country it was a full five column story whereas I can’t get one column talking about the insights into credit and debt. But more complaining in a minute.

The survey shows that our savings are dropping and our debt is growing. Yes, it’s all backwards. 83% of us worry that we don’t have enough savings and even more than that say they can’t save as much as they would like. Less than half of us have any emergency savings and under 25% have three month’s worth of savings – and that has to be a minimum rainy day fund! Here’s what I’ve been saying for years and now there’s an actual stat: 67% of us think of our credit cards and line of credit as our emergency fund!

Now onto the whining part: Is it just me or is there some huge conflict here? The survey by Ipsos Reid was sponsored by a bank. Banks are in the business of lending money. That is where they make a profit. When we borrow and go broke – they get rich. When we save money – they pay US interest and on their financial statements, that’s a bad thing!

So am I right to be suspicious that banks are preaching savings while all their ads focus on selling their credit cards and debt? Their Sr. VP of Banking was quoted all over the story that us Canadians should save more, rely less on credit and be ready for financial emergencies. You bet, it’s totally right. But does that mean he will change the whole focus of the bank away from debt and onto marketing savings, lowering service charges and expense ratios on their mutual funds, make GIC easier to obtain and stop charging service charges on savings accounts? I’m thinking not! For me, actions always speak louder than words.

If I’m too harsh or out to lunch – I’m two clicks away from sending me a note, because my purpose and passion is not to be right but to make you think!