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Three short stories…

Hurray for American Express

I remember last year having to contact their Call Centre. To start, there was a language barrier, to put it mildly, since their Call Centre is in India. And I started getting the rush treatment disputing a charge. You have to know that most of these staff are timed on a per-call basis. So their motivation is to end the call quickly – not necessarily to resolve it. Well, Amex has taken their staff off these timed calls. So far, the results are amazing for Amex. Their customer satisfaction levels are up, as is their charge volume per client.
Why can’t everyone realize that?

Which economic indicator do you trust?

There are two confusing economic stories from this past week:

Cosmetic surgeries were up 9% last year.
On the other hand, 60% of shoppers say they are buying more no-name store brands, instead of national brands.

Sony certainly has a big problem:

Sony Play Station’s main computer was hacked last month and banking and credit card information on 70 million customers was stolen. That’s a lot of people and it’s not an isolated story as more and more of our information is on-line. It’s another reason to be really thorough in looking through the charges on your credit card statement. Plus, you only have 60 days to dispute something. A day after that and you’re fully liable.