This Weeks’ Federal Budget

I keep getting asked if this weeks’ stimulus budget is a good idea or flawed. But rather than specifics, what really concerns me is more of the big picture of the issue.

Any 100 politicians or economists in the same room wouldn’t agree what day of the week it is today. So it’s pretty easy to find large numbers of people to argue many of the items in the budget are a really bad idea that’ll never work. It’s just as easy for someone on the other side of the argument to line up the same number of people that think its’ a great idea.

What really bothered me is that two opposition parties announced they were voting against the budget weeks before it was tabled in the House of Commons. That’s sad and so wrong. If, every time you went to see your boss for something, he or she said the answer is no, now what’s the question – what would that be like?

One of the nastiest agendas is the attack on Prime Minister Harper that he should have seen all this doom and gloom coming. What? Talk about playing politics! The markets, banking problems, recession issues and housing problems in the U.S. are changing weekly. Nobody really knows what’s coming next. Yet somehow the Prime Minister should have had a crystal ball? Or is it just a political and agenda-driven attack that he is flexible enough to adapt to deteriorating circumstances in our economy? Talk about a no-win situation. Doing the right thing still gets criticized.

When we’re in the middle of a family argument and a big problem or crisis arises, you gotta know our little arguments get put aside, right? Big problems bring families and companies together to confront a common problem. Why do our politicians not care enough to do that? Why are we hearing nothing but arguments, objections and name calling instead of asking what they can do to help? We have some serious economic problems – can we cut the politics and pull in the same directions for the good of the country?

Should we run a deficit during these times? Well, if you or your partner were laid off, would you still pay the mortgage and groceries? Of course. There are times when we do whatever it takes. Why would the budget of the federal government be any different?

When many people say they support our troops, they’re told it’s terrible that they support the war in Afghanistan. What? Supporting the troops is different than supporting the war. Now we have some large economic challenges and we can’t pull together as a country, again? How sad that we can’t seem to disagree without being disagreeable.

When my car needs a boost because it’s dead, that’s not the time I really want to talk about how dirty it is or whether I should have bought a four-door. Can we just get on with allowing the government we elected to make their best efforts to get us out of the economic ditch?

Oh, and there’s one more industry in the U.S. that’s now looking for a bailout: It’s the porn industry lead by the publisher of Hustler Magazine. Yes, business is soft – but the porn industry looking for government assistance? Give me a break – talk about a stimulus package, though!

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