Updates: Bailouts, Cell Plans & Weed

Airline bailouts? After almost a year of mulling over any additional aid to the airlines, it appears there may be help for stranded passengers. The Federal Transportation minister (as we talked about a couple of months ago) stated that “it’s complicated” to get passengers a real refund and not just an IOU credit. Now it appears Ottawa has signaled that any financial aid would be contingent on airlines issuing actual refunds to passengers with cancelled flights. That’s great news – if Ottawa doesn’t change their mind again.

Update from February 8th: This was a Facebook Westjet ad today. Most common comment: Most looking forward to getting my money back/refunded!

Cell phone update: In November I suggested holding off on the $10 Shaw cell promotion. Their hickups hadn’t been ironed out and my prediction was that the offer was only temporary. Yup, turns out it was very temporary: Shaw cell plans are now $25 AND you need to be a Shaw customer with one of their high-end internet plans in order to get that rate. It went from a great deal to being OK if you factor in the amount of your internet costs. And if you ever move to Telus, your $25 deal is gone, too.

More weird vending machines: If you thought it was strange to have Bitcoin vending machines, here’s a new one: Colorado just rolled out their first two weed vending machines. With billions of dollars in sales, I guess it somehow makes sense. From edibles to various types of pot, insert your credit card 24-hours a day, make your selection and you’re good to go…and maybe hit the munchies vending machine as well…

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